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1 0.0.2 14 Aug 2002 53672 2435
2 0.0.1 18 Apr 2001 62606 1607
phpBanner ver 0.0.2 released on 2002-08-14...
Dear users,

This version has minor modification, we replaced tag from ASP to PHP and we changed the extension from .php3 to .php

Best Regards
The CyberGL Dev Team more
Posted by: Wibisono, at : 14 Aug 2002, 00:08
phpBanner 0.0.1 released on 2001-04-18
phpBanner's features include membership for your clients, banner-administration-tools both for client and admin, image uploader, no crontab access required, no cookies required, no duplicate banner display at one page and simple script-inclusion to includ more
Posted by: Wibisono, at : 18 Apr 2001, 00:04
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