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1 0.0.2 14 Aug 2002 68519 2000
2 0.0.1 26 Jun 2001 41442 759
help w/ sql file

I keep getting this error when adding the sql file in the phpmyadmin for classified ads:

#1067 - Invalid default value for 'ads_id'

Please tell me how to correct this. I would be grateful :-)

Trumoke more
Posted by: Trumoke, at : 29 Nov 2010, 19:11
phpClassAds ver 0.0.2 released on 2002-08-14...
Dear users,

This version has minor modification, we replaced tag from ASP to PHP and we changed the extension from .php3 to .php

Best Regards
The CyberGL Dev Team more
Posted by: Wibisono, at : 14 Aug 2002, 00:08
phpClassAds ver 0.0.1 released on 2001-06-26
phpClassAds's features include posting, edit-delete Ads and admin tools. Each Ads entry protected by password which supplied by Ads owner. For administration its provide category manager which allows you to create-edit-del categories easily. The Administ more
Posted by: Wibisono, at : 26 Jun 2001, 00:06
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